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Empowerment of humanity in the 21st century is thought mastering, of our thoughts and developing the potential of our mind. This course has truly helped

me maximize my spiritual gifts to give more to people and fulfill my own path of service.

Judy Satori

Auckland, New Zealand

Judy Satori 


My name is Judy Satori

I have been trained by the Elohim and the Spiritual Hierarchy to transmit the sound and light codes, the energy WORDS that will prepare people to adjust to incoming higher dimensional energies and to physically and emotionally prepare for Earth�s ascension.

From 2007 the real work of cellular re-synthesis and cellular rejuvenation has begun as we are prepared by Spirit to hold the faster pulsating energy frequencies of the fifth dimension in the energy circuits of our physical body.

We must be literally remodeled into bodies of greater light, which is of itself higher consciousness. The energy words that I speak are transmitted directly into the DNA template and cells of the body to trigger in each individual the re-membering of past soul knowledge and ability and soul expansion.

My work is about heart centered empowerment to assist people through this very important time on Earth.

The sound and light frequencies that I transmit are also a catalyst for the rapid clearing of karmic miasms�disordered patterns of energy, rather like off pitch sounds that are held within our DNA and every aspect of �us� that are the result of trauma experiences and the thoughts and beliefs that we have created as a result.

My role is to prepare YOU energetically so that YOU TOO may do what your soul is called to do at this very important time on Earth.